Toddler Program

Toddlers are developing rapidly and dramatically in all areas. They are beginning to develop a sense of self, solve problems, and use more language communication skills. This is a time of real independence and toddlers want to do more for themselves and assert their opinions.

Toddlers learn by doing; touching and exploring the world around them. Happy Days provides an environment in which toddlers are welcomed to play, discover, and have fun!

reading together

Circle Time for Toddlers!

Every morning and afternoon, the toddlers get together as a group for music and fun. The children learn songs and fingerplays along with plenty of creative movement and dancing. The children are encouraged to participate, but for this age group, circle time is optional.


Art supplies are provided daily for the children to experiment with and be creative. Art can be a wonderful form of self-expression for young children. We believe in allowing children the time and freedom of enjoying the process of creating art and exploring the materials.


At Happy Days, we promote the enhancement of children’s literacy development through lots of exposure to books and reading books aloud. We read to the children in groups and individually throughout the day.