Happy Days Childrens Learning Center


It’s simple to enroll and begin your journey with the Happy Days extended family. Just follow our 3-step enrollment process.

Step 1: Virtual Tour

Take a look around, and see which location is the best fit for your child.

We have two (2) convenient locations in Santa Cruz. Originally based in the Harvey West area, we recently expanded to provide an effortless commute for families in Live Oak. Our two facilities are safe and comfortable and are designed around age-appropriate themes.

Harvey West walkthrough

Live Oak walkthrough

Step 2: Enrollment Request

Fill out the Inquiry Form below, choosing from the time slots available.

You will receive an email with rates along with our Parent Handbook.

Once our staff has received your completed form, you can schedule an in-person tour. To keep up with current health and safety practices, we host tours where visitors can observe the activities from behind the classroom doors, or during times when children are not present on site.

Step 3: Complete Your Enrollment

After the in-person tour, Happy Days reviews the requested schedule and makes every effort to accommodate your needs. We are eager to have you join us, but due to our program’s popularity, you may be put on a short waiting list.

A deposit is required to complete the enrollment.

Once you finish the process, we will confirm the date and time when your participation with us begins. Though we do our best to get your family enrolled right away, we must maintain an appropriate teacher-to-student ratio so that those who attend get the most out of our programs.

    Enrollment Inquiry Form

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