Happy Days Childrens Learning Center


Happy Days is a loving and close group of families and children. Because of our education model and philosophy, many families continue their friendships throughout the years. Our hands-on approach helps cultivate friendships that continue into secondary education. Many of our families report they have found the community they yearn for way beyond the scheduled daycare times.

Lifelong friendships begin here.

  • Build long-lasting relationships
  • Meet others who are in the same place in life
  • Network with families about milestones
  • Ask developmental questions in a safe environment

Forming Lifelong Bonds

Happy Days is a place for children to develop bonds that can last a lifetime. It’s also a place where parents can meet to support each other throughout their parenting voyage. Working together as a community provides the best outcome for all involved because knowledge is worth more than gold.

Parent with child talking with teacherparents with infants talking on park bench

A Parent-Teacher & Parent-Parent Community

Often, parents need information about what’s happening to their children developmentally and physically. Others in the group may have insights, as they have had the same thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting information on baby products. Other times, it is about asking what to do if your child has chickenpox. Happy Days is a safe place to ask questions and share information. We encourage everyone to network and seek out solutions that best suit the families. The Happy Days staff is also on hand to share knowledge from our experience.

Insights Through Our Daily Logs

While we do not replace medical professionals, we facilitate childcare with the exchange of wisdom we have gained throughout the process of watching children grow. We hope that everyone involved gets the most out of these precious years through the support of our community. One of the ways we do this is by supplying parents with logs of how their children spent the day. Many milestones are of high importance and take place while the parents are away. We provide families with the most amount of information possible so that behavioral and developmental events are not missed.