Our Philosophy

All children are special and deserve to be treated with loving care and respect. We provide an environment that encourages a child’s development of self-esteem, independence, and social skills.

  • Children learn positive and appropriate social behavior
  • Children develop an understanding of trust, honesty, and integrity
  • Children learn to communicate and express their feelings while developing empathy for the feelings of others
  • We take a positive approach to discipline and incorporate mutual problem solving, choices, and fair and consistent limits
  • We aim to meet individual needs, interests, and learning styles
  • Teachers provide encouragement and recognition to support the learning and progress

Our most important objective at Happy Days C.L.C. is to maximize the development and learning of everyone involved – children, parents, and teachers.

For Children:

  • To feel good about themselves and who they are.
  • To be competent and confident in their abilities.
  • To be self-directed in a constructive, creative manner.
  • To learn to get along with other children as well as adults.
  • To develop self-control and a sense of right and wrong.
  • To develop a love for learning and the ability to learn how to learn.
  • To reach their potential physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development so they will be successful in their future educational experiences.

For Parents:

  • To feel good about their role as parents and about their children.
  • To gain insight into the behavior of preschool-aged children in general and their child in particular.
  • To provide an atmosphere of caring, acceptance, and support so parents and the program work as partners in this learning process.

For Teachers:

  • To experience working with young children in a quality preschool setting.
  • To learn appropriate and effective ways of working and communicating with young children.
  • To experience developmental differences of children from ages two and a half through five.
  • To gain self-confidence in the ability to work with other people, including children, peers, and parents.