Infant Program

At Happy Days, we believe that a positive sense of trust and security begins in infancy.

infant program

Warm and responsive care is essential for this healthy early development. We maintain a high teacher to infant ratio so that the children receive the care and attention that they need. Our teachers and aides provide an abundance of one-on-one interaction with the infants – talking, singing, holding, and playing games like peek-a-boo. These interactions stimulate the children’s mental and physical development and create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

We have created a safe hands-on infant environment in which the children may explore the world around them.

We enrich the infant environment with soft colorful toys, picture books, and music. As motor skills develop, infants are safe to explore, crawl, climb, stand, and finally walk! Within this environment we provide an emergent curriculum program that   introduces beginning sign language skills to promote communication. We also introduce basic art materials, encouraging sensory play and helping to develop fine motor skills.

We also support the importance of early literacy development.

Our teachers read to the children throughout the day as well as provide a variety of “cardboard” books for them to explore on their own. Infants are invited to become an active part of their own reading development by choosing books of interest, turning the pages, pointing to pictures while the teacher reads the words or identifies the object. As their speech develops, they are encouraged to name pictures in the books.

During the day, we keep a record of your infant’s day.

This includes an overview of how the child’s day went including a schedule of diapering, eating, and sleeping. Parents are encouraged to get to know the teachers and keep them updated as to how the child is doing at home, eating or sleeping patterns, or any changes in routines. This helps us to create a relationship with families and provide better care for your child.