About Us

Happy Days has been a licensed childcare program owned and operated by Mary Ellen and Toby Salciccia since 1995.

Over the years, our curriculum has evolved to reflect innovations in early childhood development by providing the latest educational equipment and materials.

As we have grown through our own experiences, our program has developed along with us. Since our program started, Mary Ellen has had children of her own which brings a parent’s perspective to her experience.  Toby has expanded his knowledge of music and brought imagination and music fundamentals to our program.

We have designed lesson plans with monthly themes while also encouraging our teachers to implement emergent curricula to allow for flexibility and creativity. Our teachers provide children with the skills they need for success in school, yet are flexible enough to meet the unique needs and personality of each child.

Most importantly, we have always been dedicated to working together with parents to help their children become confident, curious learners.